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“So it’s been about a month since we went live with the website. All I can say is WOW! I really should have done this years ago. Aadil and his team have hit this one out of the park. The things they did to enhance the appearance and functionality of my website far surpassed any expectations I could have set out at the beginning. I might be a little weird, but I find myself scrolling through the pages in awe almost every day. Never in a million years could I have produced something so sound and complete as this. To say I am over excited is an understatement.

Now moving on over the past 2 weeks, Aadil and his team managed to take my pen and paper method of bookings and move them into the 21st century! We are fully automated with bookings being completed directly from the website, payments taken and directly deposited into my bank account, to students picking their dates and times to enroll into class. The whole process has shaved numerous hours from my previous structure. Aadil and his team made sure every “’T” was crossed and “I” dotted before going live and even went as far as making the smallest changes to enhance the functionality of the website and custom built automation.

We also signed up for their new software – Profit Suite. Within the first 2 weeks of installing it on the website, we got a bunch of new inquiries coming in! This has been a game-changer alone because before using Profit Suite, people either booked or left the website. Now we’re getting more conversations from interested people and more bookings as a result. Profit Suite has also made it easy to get more reviews and build our online reputation! The dashboard they built out and provided us with has made life easier (to say the least). We’re able to manage bookings, appointments, leads, conversations, and so much more – pretty much the whole back end of the business – all from one place. On top of that, it’s made review generation and reputation management for our business a breeze! A strong online reputation really matters when it comes to positioning yourself effectively as THE choice in your market – and Profit Suite by Devante Group is the perfect tool to achieve that.

I cannot say enough good about The Devante Group and Aadil specifically, and how they have taken my business to the next level. When I look at what my competitors are doing, I can only sit back and smile! They say a business without a sign is a sign of no business. Well, a business without a professional website can be found in the second category as well. I believe this will be a complete game changer for me and my competitors when they get around to snooping on what I am doing!!”

JOhn Jenkins
Owner, Lil' Johnny's Motorcycle Academy

Devante Group is a leader in the industry of legal marketing. The owner is extremely courteous, professional and caring and understands what it takes on many levels to help someone in the legal industry grow.

They offer a wide array of marketing and design services and cover all the areas of brand and growth you would need to get your business off the ground and establish a reputable presence online.

I cannot recommend these guys enough. You can’t go wrong with Devante Group!

Jeff Minnichbach
Owner, No Limit Creatives

“Devante group built out a complete and robust system for my team including but not limited to: email automation, text automation, social media marketing, schedule, automation workflows, service calendars, the list goes on…Essentially, I was custom built 5 secretaries/assistants in one.

Before this company, my team was moving between 5 different programs to track pipeline activity and onboarding. It was a royal headache. In order to keep up, I was looking at having to hire two in-house full time employees. With the help of Devante group, I was able to grow my business with minimal overhead and have an entire back end office system built specifically for the way our team operates.

Not only was the automation software stress reducing and easy to train other on, it was beautiful. Devante group really paid attention to every single detail with the brand being perfectly represented across the board in both tone and visuals.

Aadil, CEO was professional and highly responsive. I promise you, you won’t find a team who works harder and has better quality than Devante group.

Thank you for all the stress you have relieved from my team and for the scaling we have been able to do since working on this project together.”

Marina LaBaff
Managing Partner, A Million MOnarchs

“When I first talked with Devante Group, I was a bit skeptical, mainly because I had some bad experiences in the past with other agencies… But, not only did Devante Group and Aadil have met my (high) expectations, they actually… overdelivered!

I can thank them enough for my new slick website! I get also twice as much calls as before every week, it made a HUGE impact on my business. You guys are REAL pros!

EDIT : Fast-forward several months now and their team have been crushing it online with our facebook ads, I couldnt be happier! Hiring Devante Group was my best move of the year by far.

Thanks a million guys!!

Gabriel Gascon
Agency Owner

“Devante Group absolutely knocked it out of the park and my new website is getting me the attention and online visibility I need. I’m taken seriously by my clients, and it’s made scheduling easy for us too.

Before working with Aadil, I didn’t have a website and a way for clients to book training classes with me. I needed to be visible and searchable to the world. After meeting with Aadil, I knew Devante Group was the team to help me make this happen.

What made them stand out was the absolute professionalism, care and passion for what they do. No obstacles throughout the whole process.
Aadil is genuine, knows what’s he’s doing and gets results. What made me happiest was seeing my site for the first time. I cried happy tears. It was just so “me”. So personal and it’s incredibly special to me. I can’t thank you enough.

The results of my website build and launch have more than exceeded expectations. It is absolutely perfect. I recommend Aadil and his team because they hit the nail on the head. In fact it was better than I could have imagined. The attention to detail and care for my needs were consistent throughout the whole project.”

Kolby Rae
Managing Partner, Kolby Rae Fit

“There’s plenty of companies that can help you with Facebook advertising but very few who do it well. Aadil from Devante Group is not only well versed in the latest trends and tactics, he’ll help you get actual results. He’s very responsive and hasn’t hesitated to put in the extra effort to make my projects a success. Recommended”

Patrick Leonard
CEO & Digital Marketer
“Aadil was referred to me from a previous client of his. In my experience, word of mouth has never failed me yet.

Aadil’s level of expertise and professionalism inspired me to work with him. Aadil – his enthusiasm, feedback, ideas, advice, direction, and workmanship of the website. General overall positive attitude and I’m happy to work with him. We have been able to achieve a solid foundation to gauge interest in our product and eventual sales, since we started working together.

Aadil as compared to the normal person you meet at work… He’s seemingly above and beyond in every aspect.

Aadil and everything that he’s done for us is my reason for recommending his products and services.”
Dwight Newell

“Working with Aadil has been amazing he is very responsive and helpful. Definitely worth every penny!”

Dustin Bywater​
Managing Partner, Pep Funding

“Generously provided information and updated a system. Will use for work in with again in the future”

Daniel Clement
Managing Partner, Clement Law

“Aadil is helping me transform my virtual online legal business. Through his support, he has brought me from chaos and confusion to clarity. Here’s to 2020 vision!”

Kayla DeMars-Krentz
Managing Partner, Kdk legal

“Before we worked with Devante Group (formerly VMG) our website had minimal traffic, zero sales and didn’t have a digital marketing strategy. We needed more qualified traffic visiting our website and a system to get our product out in front of the right people. A friend referred us to Aadil, and Devante Group’s professionalism and expertise with Facebook advertising set them apart from a number of other options. There were zero obstacles throughout the whole process, and their expertise gave us the confidence we needed to hire them.

Since then, we have seen a significant increase in qualified website traffic, and we know this because we’ve had lots of sales on our website as well. One thing that exceeded my expectations was the amount of information we learned from their team when it comes to online sales and marketing.

We strongly recommend Devante Group because they’re easy to work with, the team is extremely professional, and most importantly; they’re experts in their field.”

Cole Wagner
Founder & CEO, Wagred Innovations

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