Fractional CMO for Business Owners

Experienced Marketing Leadership for Businesses

Leverage CMO-level expertise to build an automated demand generation engine for your service-based company so you can expand faster, profitably. A Fractional CMO can help you increase marketing’s contribution to sales and revenue – without the C-suite price tag.

Fractional CMO Services for
Business Owners

Devante Group’s Fractional CMO services for Business Owners are a part-time resource, delivering full-time results. Competitive edge, exponential growth, and marketing leadership for franchises, single or multi-location service businesses.

Get Maximum Results in Minimum Time

Affordable, Flexible Engagements

Generate More Demand and Revenue

Part-time Resource, Full-time Results

Build a Profitable Marketing Department

Experienced marketing leadership that

generates demand

What is a Fractional CMO?

A Fractional CMO is the part-time Chief Marketing Officer who runs your marketing team and is responsible for all of your marketing outcomes. Fractional CMOs typically work with rapidly growing franchises or multi-location service businesses who need the role of a CMO, but not in a full-time capacity.

Fracnhises and multi-location service businesses use fractional CMO services because they do not need a full-time CMO but still require expert strategy and leadership, and often enjoy the flexibility a fractional CMO provides. 

Oftentimes, it makes more sense to bring in a fractional chief marketing officer instead of a full-time CMO. This can be for financial reasons, as a typical full-time CMO salary can easily cost over $200,000 annually. Or because the amount of work required by the CMO does not constitute a full-time position. It’s quite uncommon for a CMO to spend 40 hours a week on strategy and leadership.

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Fractional CMO Responsibilities

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer will help you:

At Devante Group, that’s what we do for service businesses. We’d love to hear what your goals are… and help you reach them with marketing leadership that drives results.

What does a Fractional CMO for businesses do?

Create your marketing strategy

Correct your messaging & positioning

Create systems for your team to follow

Map out your customer journey

Deploy marketing strategy and lead sprints

Manage KPIs so marketing makes you money

Hire marketing employees & vendors to execute

Build your in-house marketing department

Increase company valuation for VCs and investors

Devante Group's fractional CMO services

will help you...

Skip the stress of figuring out marketing. Get the direction you need to grow - fast.

Let’s face it – you simply don’t have the time to figure out automation, paid ads, email marketing, etc. You’re the business owner, not a marketer. 

Devante Group takes the entire marketing workload off your plate so you can focus on what matters – running your company smoothly. From leading your marketing team to ensuring you achieve quarterly goals, we help you amplify your marketing department’s ROI.

As a business owner, you should be driving the company forward, not stuck spending most of your time in marketing.

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entire marketing team

Get the experience and results you need - without the c-suite price tag.

Hiring a full-time in-house CMO can be pricey. Highly experienced full-time CMO salaries typically start at $160k+ annually (not including bonuses and incentives). Moreover, if you’re under $20M ARR, you don’t need a full-time CMO for 40 hours a week, since full-time CMOs are focused on strategy & leading the marketing department.

Devante Group acts as the Fractional CMO on your leadership board and helps you get the most out of your marketing department. All without the cost or responsibility of managing a full-time hire.

What if you could bring on experienced marketing leadership for less than the salary of a full-time CMO?

Flexible engagements. Fully engaged or advisory basis.
You choose.

Whether you need a hands-on, fully engaged Fractional CMO to drive your business growth, or simply advisory to make sure your team is on track, we’ve got your back.

At Devante Group, we offer flexible engagements. Choose from a half-day strategy workshop, advisory-based Fractional CMO guidance, or a fully engaged Fractional CMO for your business.

Book a free 30-minute, no obligation consultation and get all your questions answered.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

In-House vs. Fractional CMO

What You Get
In-House CMO
Fractional CMO


As Needed


Full Stack?

(Strategy, execution, hiring + evaluating + training + firing vendors & employees, creating & implementing SOPs, etc)

Operator Capacity?

(Capacity to execute done-for-you marketing services)

Avg. Industry Experience:
Entry - Intermediate
Annual Cost
Starting at $160,000


Starting at $60,000

(quarterly engagements)

Who it's for

service businesses with...

Minimum $1M+ in Annual Revenue

We work with established companies. We require that companies have reached a certain level of maturity and their services have a proven product-market fit before pursuing a Fractional CMO relationship with us.

Minimum $15k Customer LTV

Single or multi-location companies with a customer lifetime value of at least $3k tend to be a better fit, because higher deal velocities and shorter sales cycles can allow for faster capital & cash generation.

In-House Team of 5+ Employees

Our Fractional CMO consulting engagements require involvement from the in-house team to drive results. If you do not have in-house marketing staff, we’ll help you identify, evaluate, and hire talent.

Fractional CMO for Service Businesses

Our fractional CMO

engagements include:

Strategy Consulting

& Advisory

From brand messaging to customer journey mapping and KPI growth, we’ll help you create or improve your existing strategy so you can execute with confidence.

Data Benchmarks +

Audits & Reporting

Quickly pinpoint bottlenecks & revenue leaks in your marketing and identify quick wins. Identify and set the right KPIs that drive revenue growth.

SOP + Process


Build marketing & sales processes, and train your team on actual tactical implementation so your in-house team is more effective than ever before.



Implement quick wins to increase lead volume & lead quality, uncover scaling opportunites, and build long-term demand gen strategies.

Daily + Weekly


From daily standup team meetings to weekly meetings with C-Suite & leadership, we’ll help you stay up to date on all KPIs and keep your marketing efforts on track.

+ Forecasting


Forecast marketing revenue, costs, ROI, budget needed to support sales projections, present business case to increase marketing budget, and advise the board.

Talent + Resource


Uncover gaps in your existing team structure, identify talent needs, and build a strong in-house marketing team that executes and supports company growth.

Why we care about making your marketing world class

We know it can be frustrating to have ambitious growth goals for your company and feel bogged down by marketing that isn’t working well or takes up too much of your time.

We’ve worked with business owners and leaders just like you. We love solving marketing problems and guiding teams to win with their strengths.

Schedule a quick 15-30 minute intro call to see if a Fractional CMO could be a good fit!

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Choose how you engage us:

from advisory to fully engaged

Fractional CMO Guidance

Scale Advisor

Starts at $3k/mo

  • A dedicated Fractional CMO leading your team as a strategic advisor
  • Available after at least one 90-day sprint with Scale Engaged or a Scale Half-Day Consultative Strategy Workshop
  • Quarterly Planning calls, Sprint Planning calls led twice-monthly
  • Bespoke KPI dashboard to track performance
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Grow long-term with the least financial risk
  • Access to our marketing campaign standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • 6-month recommended commitment

Great fit for companies:

  • Of all sizes, from startup to established company
  • That have a strong marketing team in place and you’ve worked with a Fractional CMO to create a strategy
  • In need of a marketing leader to keep the team on track and adjust priorities as campaigns launch
  • You don’t need or want a full time hire yet, but you do need someone to create the strategy and ensure it’s execution
  • You may wish to hire a full time CMO soon, but you prefer to get guidance on that process before hiring
Schedule a free strategy session to gain clarity on whether a Fractional CMO is right for you.

Fractional CMO for hire

Scale Engaged

Starts at $9/mo

  • A dedicated, hands-on Fractional CMO for your business (part-time resource delivering full-time results)
  • Deploys the Functional Marketing® Framework to build out marketing strategy, establish KPIs and reporting, define positioning, and more
  • Functional Marketing® Systems Map delivered after the first 30 days
  • Quarterly Planning calls, Sprint Planning and Review calls led weekly, and daily Stand-Ups with the team
  • Hire, train, evaluate and fire vendors, employees, and contractors
  • Access to our marketing campaign standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Bespoke KPI dashboard to track performance
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • 3-month minimum commitment after first 30 days (quarterly engagements, high-octane bi-weekly sprints)

Great fit for companies:​

  • With at least $1M ARR
  • Looking for part-time staff that specializes specifically in creating marketing strategies and ensuring it’s execution
  • You don’t need or want a full time hire yet, but you do need someone to create the strategy and ensure it’s execution
  • You may wish to hire a full time CMO soon, but you prefer to get guidance on that process before hiring

Schedule a free strategy session to gain clarity on whether a Fractional CMO is right for you.

Half-day consultative strategy session

Scale Half-Day Consult

Starts at $7.5K

  • 4-hour Strategy Session for your team using the Functional Marketing Framework to focus your marketing strategy
  • Custom, bespoke based on your company’s needs
  • 7-day Prepatory Period via email correspondence


  • Immediate marketing punch list
  • List of blindspots
  • Marketing Playbook for next 1-6 months

Great fit for companies:

  • With at least $1M ARR
  • With a strong marketing team in place that can take a fresh and accurate strategy
  • In need of a marketing leader to keep the team on track and adjust priorities as campaigns launch
Schedule a free strategy session to gain clarity on whether a Fractional CMO is right for you.

Frequently asked questions...

and answers


A fractional CMO is a Chief Marketing Officer for your company, but is hired as a contractor, sometimes on an equity basis. Fractional CMOs serve as your marketing executive and lead marketing strategy, sales development, growth opportunities, and head the marketing department.

Companies typically use fractional CMO services because they do not have the budget or need for a full-time CMO,  but still require expert strategy and leadership.

A Fractional CMO isn’t the execution arm of your marketing department. Fractional CMOs do not execute on technical, tactical, or mechanical tasks, as that can get expensive very quickly and isn’t a wise way to leverage such a resource.

Most businesses need a Fractional CMO in one of two scenarios:

  1. They can afford a team for execution OR a full-time CMO, but not both.
  2. Their leadership team (often including their CMO) wants outside, objective perspective to understand new growth opportunities.

They usually require marketing leadership and the expert marketing strategy skills of a CMO, but do not need it on a full-time basis.

Here are 5 reasons it’s time to hire a fractional CMO:

  • You are running your marketing team instead of being the CEO
  • You’re not sure what campaigns to have your marketing team try next
  • You don’t have your customer journey mapped out, or clear KPIs for your campaigns
  • You don’t have a demand generation system in place that brings you leads, appointments, and revenue predictably and consistently
  • You don’t have marketing processes or systems in place for your team to execute

Absolutely. Your digital marketing strategy serves as the foundation of all your future marketing efforts.

Your fractional CMO will audit your existing and past growth efforts, and map out a strong marketing strategy to help you go-to-market. Experienced fractional CMOs for businesses will also map out your customer journey and help you improve brand messaging, positioning, and lots more.

Absolutely. Your Fractional CMO has a limited number of clients so they give your brand the attention, care, and guidance it deserves.

How It Works

A fractional CMO is a Chief Marketing Offices for your company, but is hired as a contractor, consultant, or equity basis. Fractional CMOs serve as your marketing executive and lead marketing strategy, sales development, growth opportunities, and head the marketing department.

Franchise or multi-location service businesses typically use fractional CMO services because they do not have the budget or need for a full-time CMO,  but still require expert strategy and leadership.

An experienced fractional CMO will serve as the leader on your marketing team, and is responsible for all your marketing outcomes. It wouldn’t make sense to have a fractional CMO execute marketing tasks, as that can get very expensive quite fast. Your fractional CMO should focus on strategy and leading the execution. They are responsible for managing all your marketing staff, from in-house employees to outside vendors, freelancers, and agencies. Their main responsibility is leading the results your marketing department generates.

Fractional CMOs work on a retainer basis, usually paid upfront. This retainer covers a specific number of hours they spend planning, leading, and managing the marketing department and outcomes.

If your Fractional CMO is required to travel, you can expect to cover those costs, such as travel tickets, meals, per diem, etc.


Your Fractional CMO integrates with your team and acts as an advisor on your leadership team. Your fCMO builds and coaches your entire marketing team and/or contractors, is accountable to the board or leadership team, and be a leader for your brand.

Your Fractional CMO can help guide you through:

  1. Finding vendors to own tactical execution, or
  2. Making your first marketing hire, or
  3. Structure and expand your in-house marketing team.

Absolutely. As part of your leadership team, your Fractional CMO will own the entire marketing function of your company, including personnel decisions.

Scope & Responsibilities

At Devante Group, it all starts with strategy. Providing you have a GTM strategy, your Fractional CMO’s top priority is to guide, build, and develop your marketing strategy as well as team who owns tactical execution. Your Fractional CMO collaborates with your leadership team to set a strategy, and coaches your marketing staff to deploy, measure, and optimize it. 

Your Fractional CMO also trains your team by creating and implementing SOPs.

Along with establishing processes and setting desired outcomes, your Fractional CMO is more of a leader of the marketing department, instead of getting involved in functional tasks such as writing or sending marketing emails, crafting ads & copy, or writing blog content.

We don’t limit the number of hours your Fractional CMO spends on your marketing (within reason). Your Fractional CMO focuses on maximizing your marketing budget and resources and will adjust the time spent as your needs evolve.

As a guideline, we recommend a minimum engagement of 6 to 12 months to see optimal results (excluding Workshops & Hourly Advisory Coaching). 

There’s no maximum length for an engagement, but our aim is to grow your business more than enough to justify a full-time CMO as soon as possible.

Your engagement fees cover your Fractional CMO’s guidance and adivsory coaching. You should expect to incur additional costs for marketing technology (marketing automation software, split-testing tools, etc.), marketing staff and/or contractors (marketing technicians, agencies, freelancers, etc.) and paid advertising costs (Facebook ads, Google ads, etc.).

For workshops, we require a 50% deposit to book. The balance is due one week before the workshop is scheduled.

Engagements are billed monthly to a credit card, ACH account on file, or via wire transfer. We require a 3% payment processing fee for credit card payments. We also support quarterly billing for a 3% discount.

Get the marketing leadership you need to grow your Business

Delegate your marketing outcomes to an expert to take your time back and see a greater return on your marketing budget.