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Our Mission

We are on a mission to double the size of 100 impact-driven businesses by 2025.

Ensuring that strategies are predicated on scientific data, and services are delivered with outstanding results, value for money, and instill pride of partnership.

Our Vision

We believe the most ethical and skilled experts should win, not the best advertisers. 

Devante Group will lead the way to exponential growth, enabling leaders to increase their impact-footprint through results-based strategies.

Devante Group simplifies the path to revenue expansion. Through working with us, our clients reach a position where they see increased profitability while working less. This is our promise – to provide you with the highest return on investment, adding value to your business so that marketing becomes as asset – not a cost center.

Most Businesses Suffer From Ineffective Marketing.
We Guide You Every Step of the Way
So You Can Generate Qualified Leads, Sign High Value Clients,
Increase Profit Margins, and Become the Obvious Choice.

Devante Group’s systems, methodologies, and strategies are built to simplify online marketing and revenue growth for service businesses. We understand that you want to focus on what you do best but there are growth obstacles keeping you from doing that.

Devante Group’s relentless passion to deliver outstanding results, value in partnership, and pride of ownership is reflected in it’s ‘golden lion’ logo. Excellence in your craft starts with one thing: taking responsibility for where you are in your business and your life.

As a team of creatives, strategists, and revenue growth specialists, we carry a bulletproof reputation built on delivering profitable, measurable results (and have the proof to back it up).

We developed highly effective methods for bringing more clients to your business in a way that positively impacts your revenue while helping you become the obvious choice in a sea of noisy competitors. It’s a well-crafted, engineered approach proven to attract more qualified leads, sign more high-value clients, and increase revenue.

We only partner with business owners and stakeholders that are experienced, highly competent and exceptional at what they do. This way, we can dedicate the resources it takes to thoroughly understand and grow them to their fullest potential. We believe in relationships over revenue — and chances are you’re reading this because you heard good things about us.

You won’t find another company that cares and is as vested in your success as Devante Group.

We help educate, fuel, and build long lasting relationships with the clients we work with.

“Ultimately, my goal is that business owners & leaders can do more, faster, in lesser time than before we showed up. 

That is true significance for us.”

Aadil Devante

Director of Strategy

Core Values that drive Us


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— Unique Approach that sets us apart —

Our Proven Process

01. Strategize

We start by conducting intensive research on your market, competitors, target audience, keywords, and deliver a customized legal marketing growth strategy. This will work as the framework for your client acquisition campaigns. This framework will show you how to finally stop overpaying for your ads and get more clients, faster.

02. Implement

After developing a strong client acquisition strategy, we build your pipeline from A-Z. This includes your ad account structure, ads, landing page(s), analytics, automation systems, and lots more. We’ll also setup a personalized dashboard where you can log in and monitor performance, while managing all your leads and prospect conversations from one place. 

03. Optimize

Now that you’ll have leads coming in, we’ll start improving lead quality so you can put an end to attracting the wrong leads, wasting precious time and money chasing down tire kickers, no-shows, and bad leads. We’ll even show you how to turn these qualified leads into actual appointments.

04. Scale Up

As you get more cases and sign more clients, you’ll have a problem – your acquisition costs will rise in parallel to the leads coming in. You’re going to hit a cap on scale and you can’t bank on this in the long term – it’s not efficient. At this stage we implement our Inversion Blueprint™, reducing costs while allowing you to economically scale.


At Devante Group, we work with experienced lawyers & law firms who want a legal marketing agency that will take things to the next level. Relentless lawyers like you who need someone they can trust to cut to the chase and focus on what counts – client acquisition and retention.

That’s why, at Devante Group, we craft the online law firm marketing strategies to grow your bottom line.

As a Facebook & Google Partner, our team is highly experienced when it comes to digital strategy for law firms, generating online referrals for lawyers, improving legal client intake systems, and helping increase client retention. With our help, you’ll start attracting referrals, high-value cases, and revenue growth. Plain and simple.

"I get twice as many calls weekly now, working with Devante Group made a HUGE impact on my business. Hiring Devante Group was my best move of the year by far."
Gabriel G., Managing Partner
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