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We get it – there are countless consultants and marketing agencies out there that are fighting for your attention. We understand that you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right partner to help you grow your company. 

We also understand that you want a proactive, results-focused, and caring growth partner that not only cares about your success, but is also invested in your long-term growth.

We help B2B SaaS companies & service-based businesses create and execute a winning marketing strategy designed to reach their goals.

Devante Group promises to help you achieve predictability, consistency, and higher marketing ROI... sans vanity metrics...
All so you can scale and increase valuation.

fractional cmo service for saas

Most B2B SaaS companies & service businesses struggle with making marketing profitable.

But you don't have to.

The Fractional CMO for

B2B SaaS Companies +
Service Businesses

Hi, I’m Aadil Devante and I’ve been growing B2B SaaS companies and service-based businesses for 7+ years. In fact, I’ve founded two of my own B2B SaaS companies I enjoy growing in my free time.

There is so much I love about these two industries – with the right marketing, you can lead market, even if you’re smaller.

You see, most B2B SaaS companies and service businesses don’t address these issues:

  • lack of direction, experienced marketing leadership, and overall misalignment within the company
  • improper positioning & messaging that doesn’t speak to the pain points of their target audience
  • lack of digital infrastructure to generate demand predicatbly, consistently, and profitably
  • lack of systems & processes that are repeatable and scaleable
  • wasted resources on wrong hires, marketing campaigns, all leading to an empty sales calendar and increased churn

With a Fractional CMO, those issues become opportunities. Here’s what you could accomplish instead:

  • an aligned, high-octane team that exceeds quarterly revenue targets
  • consistent demand (whether it’s MQLs, SQLs, and booked demos OR leads, phone calls, and appointments – all leading to shorter sales cycles, and reduced churn)
  • a well-trained in-house marketing team that achieves KPIs
  • a strong sales team that works collaboratively with marketing
  • increased capital for acquisition, marketing, expansion and talent
b2b saas fractional cmo

I'm here to help you scale and

increase valuation

I fell into marketing after helping people solve problems and get results for 10+ years, through various sales, marketing and leadership roles. From business owners to employees to customers, marketing has enabled me to drastically impact lives at a larger scale than ever. I started freelancing in 2016, and since then we’ve come a long way.

Today we’re a lean team of go-getters that help other business owners & SaaS founders scale profitably. Collectively, our team has generated over $22M for clients within 7 short years – all influenced by leaders of industry such as Jay Abraham, Dan Martell, Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Ryan Diess, Roland Frasier, and more.

Over the years, I’ve personally consulted nearly a hundred other marketers, consultants and industry experts. Only a handful have ever guaranteed an outcome – and delivered. This is why I know that results-focused marketers & consultants are the best-kept secret in the business world.

  Aadil Devante

So what is it like

to work together?

Reliable + Transparent

I’m responsible for ALL your marketing outcomes. Aside from weekly, bi-weekly, and/or monthly reports, you’ll see quarterly reports on what’s happening and the plan for the next quarter.

Ethos +

I’m driven by a strong ethos and relentlessness that I compromise for no one. You can rest assured I’ll deliver on my word and make you look like a rockstar.

Results + KPI Driven

Nothing can replace the feeling of achieving a milestone. I’ll ensure that we’re constantly on-track and if there’s a black swan event, we’ll have contingency plans in place.

Empowering Culture

I’ll create a positive, empowering, and collaborative culture in your marketing team, and delegate tasks to keep each person in their zone of genius as much as possible.

Proactive Approach

I’m proactive in my work and life, and I always encourage my friends to do the same. I’ll ensure this is also encouraged within the team as your company grows.

Process + Systems Master

I’ll ensure that we’re creating and constantly updating systems and processes as we grow, so there’s a minimal chance of error and a zero chance or repeated error.

Message From the Founder

“Ultimately, my goal is that leaders, founders, and business owners can do more, faster, in lesser time than before we showed up. 

That is true significance for us.”

Aadil Devante

Founder + CEO
The Devante GRoup

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